What Decorative Theme Should I Go With?

Often the hardest decision when launching into decorating is deciding what theme to go with?

There may be many likeable ideas that you have in your mind, but its deciding which one to actually commit to?

A good Interior Decorator will help you to zero in on a look/theme that is right for you by weighing up all the design aspects of your home.  If you have a brand new architectural home that has just been built, but still needs furnishings, then a decorators job would be to recognise the style of the architecture and internal features, and then weigh up what the home needs in order to compliment and enhance it further?

Another example may be that if you have a period home which has been renovated, it may have a combination of original architectural features mixed with contemporary architecture and styling.  The art of mixing décor ‘traditional with new’ may well be the answer but its knowing how to create the mix successfully in a balanced fashion, that a good decorator or designer will be able to help you with.

Many important elements are considered and weighed up, when deciding on a theme for your home that will best suit, which a professional decorator and designer can assist you with, to get you on the right winning formula to understand and build on, over time.