Want A More Desirable Home? This Is Your First Step.

Unhappy with your current home interior, but don’t really want to move?  Then why not get professional assistance from an Interior Designer and Decorator who can assist you to get your existing home back on the right track?

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to do.

An interior designer and decorator can help you to make a few simple changes that can make a huge positive difference to your homes overall look and feel.

It may be through paint colour selection for the walls and trims, by changing the colour from a cool tone to a warm tone can instantly make a room look and feel more inviting and interesting.

By recognising architectural features of your home that are worth ‘bringing out’ and ‘highlighting’, or maybe you need a paint colour that is going to work better in combination with your furnishings or carpet and therefore will ‘link’ and ‘bind’ which then in turns simplifies and brings the interior together more so.

It may be the furniture layout of a room, if put in another way, it may be more suitable for the rooms aspect, flow and proportions.  There may be a way of making your existing furniture pieces work better for you.  Or, perhaps it may only need the addition of one or two new pieces which could work well with your existing treasured furniture items.

It may be the décor (mainly the ornaments) in your room, which needs pulling back or altering.  Many of us are guilty of displaying too many assortments of decorative items which can then clutter and ‘over-do’ the look you need your for your home to make it simple and clean and enjoyable to look at and be in.

The key to knowing what pieces are worth retaining, and which ones are not, is a valuable skill that a Furniture Designer can assist you with by way of one simple consultation meeting.

A consultation with a designer could be well worth the small outlay to get your home on the right path to being more desirable to live in!