Kids’ Room Decor: Keep It Stylish and Cool

A kids’ room is not just a place where your little ones are supposed to sleep after a tough day of running around and making mischief, it’s also supposed to be their safe haven, a creative space where they can dream up new worlds and discover who they truly are. To that end, you will not only need to inspire creativity, but rational thinking as well.

The room your child is going to grow up in is a place where they will play, learn, read, be happy, and sometimes even cry. So it’s supposed to make them feel safe, to nurture them and to help them develop positive habits that will one day help them become thriving adults. Much like in our previous Georgian home design story, today were are going a step further to show you how you can easily introduce style, comfort, and functionality into your kids’ rooms.



When it comes to decorating your little princess’s room, you need to do your research thoroughly. There can be no room for mistake, as your little girl is likely to have a detailed list of the things she loves and the things she can’t stand. Be sure to identify her favourite colours, cartoons, stories, fictional characters, and then start planning how to incorporate it all into a comprehensive, inspiring story.

Girls love to dream up new worlds, and unlike boys, they can easily feel suffocated if you clutter the design with too many toys, characters, and extraneous details. Firstly, you can put a beautiful wallpaper behind the bed in her favourite colour pattern, with full-length curtains draping from the sides of the windows boasting a similar hue.

Leave the biggest wall completely free and paint a story that will inspire her to dream. This can be an enchanted forest with plenty of colourful details such as flowers, trees, ponds and lakes, and plenty of little woodland critters to boot.

Make sure it’s comfy and cosy as well, with beautiful bed base and bed sheets complementing the ambiance with similar hues. Keep the pillows as contrasts. Scatter her favourite stuffed animals around the room and you’re all done.


Now, when it comes to boys, things can become a bit more complicated in a sense that you can’t always know exactly what they want and whether or not they will change their minds the next day. So think long and hard before making your move and make sure you pinpoint your little devil’s favourites.

Luckily, men can be much simpler than their female counterparts, so if your little hero is a Marvel addict make sure you devote an entire wall to host a beautiful scene of his favourite superheroes in action. Likewise, if Star Wars is more his thing, then be sure to paint his favourite characters, and may the Force be with you.

If, however, you are up for some serious renovations and updates, be sure to get in touch with a trustworthy architect in Melbourne in order to make the project a breeze. Moving through the room, you want to make it both comfortable and functional. Be sure to dedicate a wall to a work desk complete with cabinets and drawers, as well as several floating shelves where he can keep his favourite action figures.

Don’t forget complementary hues around the room, preferably blue or deep green. Let the walls set the foundation, and use furniture in complementary colours, and use accents such as pillows, chairs, or the desk to disrupt any monotony that might have found its way in.

Decorating your kids’ rooms should be a fun and rewarding project your little munchkins are going to love. Don’t just settle for any old design, but really try to create a space that will speak to their developing hearts and minds. One day, it will all be worth the effort.