How to Give a Modern Look Feel to a Georgian Home

The traditional, Georgian home look has been one of the most beloved interiors and exterior designs among homeowners ever since its popularisation at the beginningof the 18th century in the UK. Nowadays, the Georgian design trend is still a popular option, especially when it comes to interiors.

However, in the modern world there is an unspoken need to bring a dash of variety, luxury, and modern charm to the aesthetics of a traditional Georgian home in order to enjoy a more unified, free space, but retain those Georgian values. Here is how you can give a modern luxe feel to a Georgian Home.

Living Room

Tying together two seemingly opposite designs will require you to create a balance between the elements, details, and accents in the room. However, the story and personality still needs to be portrayed by one predominant approach.

Stick with accents to tell a story of a Georgian design such as an old wrought iron chandelier, and use a warm, patterned wallpaper to bring the room “in” and make it feel warm and inviting. The furniture should correspond with the rest of the design in colour and texture so opt for a darker hue. Be sure to contrast the intimacy of the room a bit with beautiful white full-length curtains.

Dining Room

Dining Room Interior DesignThe dining room should also portray an inviting setting, however, with different undertones – it also needs to be free and inspire a positive conversation over a meal, no matter the time of day. Go for dark wooden floors such as chestnut and complement the hue with a beautiful lacquer dining table and a vintage cabinet boasting the same colour.

Along with beautiful white chairs to break any monotony, you also want to add full-length curtains and a timeless crystal chandelier above the table. To bring a more luxurious feeling, choose a pair of candle holders with crystal embellishments.

Bed Room

A bedroom is a place of intimacy, positivity, and serenity, so comfort and symmetry will reign supreme. Choose a traditional hazelnut or grain wood nightstand and opt for a nature-inspired wallpaper behind the bed.

The bed will be the focal point of the room and portray the luxe feeling you are looking for, so go for a contemporary fabric bed frame with a silk bedding set and a pair of decorative pillows in a contrasting hue. This will not only tie the room together, but the contrasting pillows will break any monotony that might have settled in.

Bath Room

Bathroom Interior DesignFinally, the bathroom should be an inviting oasis in any home, regardless of the design concept. But if you want to combine warmth and intimacy with a modern, luxurious Georgian style, you want to choose a patterned wallpaper in a lighter, neutral hue.

This will allow you to accentuate with marble throughout, including the vanity and the sink. Include a statement chandelier and a grand mirror above the sink with a beautiful glass vase boasting a colourful flower arrangement on the vanity.

The traditional Georgian design remains one of the homiest looks you can introduce into your living environment. However, bringing in a dash of luxury will synergise it with the modern way of life even better, so be sure to introduce these decor ideas in order to create the modern Georgian home you always wanted.