Décor For A Modern House?

Many times, I have been to a newly built modern home, only to see that all the energy went into creating a modern, wonderful piece of architecture, but seemed to stop short of the home feeling truly complete with suitable furnishings that adequately fill and compliment the modern structure.

The mindset to creating an inviting home environment, is to allow for objects in décor and furnishings that are going to comfort add to your emotions, and also compliment your interior architecture theme that you have invested into.

Along with this, each room needs to be planned spacially.  Large spaces need to be considered carefully to fill, so to, do smaller spaces which are tight on space and more space conscious.

When considering layout of furnishings within a room an interior designers job is to consider the traffic flow of the room, the visual aspect of the room, and also the size of the room.

The windows and doorways often control the aspect and floor plan of the room, and so therefore the ultimate desire of the room would be to achieve as much as possible with little compromise, such as achieving that stunning view from the window, while facing the fireplace and still being able to watch tv, and allow for décor at the same time!

Modern Homes need to be approached with finishes that are earthy and have character, finishes that bring interest to a room,  finishes originating from Mother Nature that are pure and not over manufactured.  The forms of furnishings may still be simple in design and shape, but the natural finish of which they are made from can then be relied upon to bring warmth and texture into an empty modern room.

The right finishes in décor are more critical to the modern home than most people realise.  Selections must be considered carefully, allowing for the right balance and proportion. Allowing for colour highlights as well as low lights and then theres the balancing mid tones also!  Colours may be neutral but interest and balance of hue, are still vital in the mix to gain the right look to suit your home.

Modern homes deserve to be finished with the right balance of furniture and décor pieces, that look good but also function and wear well.  Your home should be your haven and comfortable retreat, no matter how modern and paired back you want it to feel.