Meet Mornington Peninsula’s Expert Interior Decorators

For those who are on the hunt for interior design ideas and the Best Interior Decorators in Melbourne, then you have come to the right place. Peschek Interiors (also known as House Affair in Mount Eliza) is here to help to satisfy all your interior design needs.  Regardless of whether you are decorating a brand new home, or wanting to give an older home a new lease on life by renovating it, engaging an interior design service will take your home or office look to the whole entire next level.

Anytime you need assistance to make some simple modifications that can make an immense positive difference to the overall look and feel of your home, the expertise of decorators like us surely can be of great assistance.  We’re expert Interior Design Consultants based in Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula (Mount Eliza), and can assist you through selecting paint colour for the trims and walls, by transforming the colour from the cool into the warm tone that can automatically make a room feel and look more welcoming and appealing all whilst complementing your furniture.

At Peschek Interiors, we offer unique interior design and ideas.

Why Peschek is the Best Interior Designer on the Mornington Peninsula

Top reasons you need a professional interior decorator from Peschek Interiors:

Giving Your Home ‘WOW’ Factor

Beautiful homes that can often make people’s jaw drop are almost never flukes, rather, they have been cautiously curated by the well-trained eye of a skilled Interior Designer. Interior design service professionals are exceptional in all elements of home design, home decor, as well as its interiors. They are qualified to effectively listen to client demands, have a look around a room, propose designs, and then come up with a design that represents great functionality and pleasing aesthetics, which is a combo of the designer’s expertise and the client’s own preferences

Providing You The Best Solutions

When it comes to the materials that are applied in interior design, you definitely should put a lot of consideration for it. It is a highly crucial aspects for choosing what to implement into a design since they will either make or break the design of your property, be it a residential or a commercial hence, the importance of an interior decorator. There are many kinds of materials out there that surely can be chosen to add a lot of life and personality to a design, which means there are many options to choose from when it comes to interior design materials.

Articulating Your Interior Design Melbourne Concepts

A few simple changes like paint colour selection for the trims and walls can result in significantly excellent difference to the entire look and feel of a home. For instance, if a room has a cool tone, then to make it look and feel more appealing and inviting, an interior design consultant would advise to apply a warmer tone

Amongst other things, decorators at Peschek Interiors can increase the value of your home. Daniella is able to articulate your tastes, style and functional needs while undertaking the creation of a beautiful, yet purposeful space.

Peschek Interiors is a Mount Eliza based practice offering all aspects of interior design, interior decorator and project management. We provide bespoke and tailored interior decorator service, finished in detail.

Get Uncompromising & Absolute Professional Interior Design Service

You may not be happy with your present home or office look and yet you do not really want to move. That is the moment you should look to get professional advice or suggestions from an interior decorator that can help you to get your existing home back on the right track.

Work with the best interior design consultant Melbourne

It could be the furniture structure of a room, when placed in another way, it might be more appropriate for the rooms component, flow as well as dimensions. There might be a way of making your current household furniture items work better for you. Or, probably it might simply require an added feature of one or two new parts which may possibly work well with your current cherished furniture items. Interior decorators Melbourne will undoubtedly be effective to suggest you the right ideas

Get your personalized, professional interior design service

It could also be the decoration (mostly the ornaments) in your room, which requires pulling back or modifying. Some of us are accountable of having too many assortments of ornamental pieces which can then clutter up and over do the appearance you need your for your home. That way, your home will be more simple, clean, and enjoyable to look at and reside in.

Know exactly what your interior design needs

Amongst the valuable skills of an interior designer and decorator can offer you is they are able to determine which furnishing pieces are worth retaining and which ones are not–all that it takes is one simple consultation meeting. The right path to a home that is more desirable to live in can be reached by consulting all your design needs with an interior design consultant.

The key to success in purchasing furniture, choosing art or commencing your next renovation project is that you should know your home, office design style. So before taking any decisions, make sure you get in contact with the best interior design service like us at Peschek Interiors. Daniella will make the process a pleasure, remove the stress and ensure that you get final fit right the first time.

Hire our Interior Designer to get your dream living spaces

The interior of a home or any living space is an expression of the inhabitants’ personality, lifestyle, their hopes and aspirations as well as their aesthetic and functionality preferences. If you are planning to renovate your commercial & residential to convert it into your dream space or you are refurbishing a property for a client, then we have got you covered with some of the most talented Interior Designers in Melbourne.

Peschek Interiors has been in business for a long time. Our principal Designer Daniella Peschek has been working with corporate giants since the 90’s. When you work with Daniella and her team, you will realise the difference between working with professionals and amateurs. We believe that every room is like a jigsaw puzzle where all the design elements hold their own yet they are in complete harmony with each other.

WHY CHOOSE Peschek Interior Designer

We create beautiful cohesive living spaces for your enjoyment and comfort.

The interior design of your home is a projection of your personality. Our principal designer Daniella will articulate all your aesthetic and functionality requirements. You can trust us to create beautifully unique spaces for discerning individuals.

Guaranteed Works

An exceptional home interior design is like a jigsaw puzzle where every element fits together seamlessly and adds value to the residence as a whole. We source all our selections from quality suppliers both imported and Australian made, at trade prices, to ensure harmony and co-ordination throughout your home.


The designers at Peschek Interiors have over 20yrs experience, working in Residential Interior Design and Decoration .
Their expertise will ensure an efficient and visually satisfying outcome for your home. We stay on top of trends and also recognise classic beauty that never dates.

Free Consultation

Before embarking on an interior design project it is important for us to understand the clients needs, lifestyle, suitable aesthetics, aspirations and expectations, hence we offer a free consultation with every project commission. Individual Consultations payable are also available.

Interior Expertise

The designers at Peschek Interiors are all fully qualified and have 20+ years of industry experience.
Their technical ability combined with aesthetic flair, industry knowledge, and invaluable project experience essentially combine well to achieve a stunning harmonious home from the ground up.

Willing to Work With Expert Interior Decorator Stylist & Designer in Melbourne

Our designs are not just about stunning aesthetics, we take into account our client’s functionality needs as well because living spaces are meant to be used by people. They are meant to serve a purpose. People should be able to use them comfortably. For instance, a nursery is a space that is meant for children, it should be child safe and a fun place for your kids. While an office room is a space that provides peaceful environment to work in. Whatever the purpose of the space, you can expect us to meet and exceed your aesthetic and functionality requirements.

At Peschek Interiors, the process is simple.

  1. You contact us to set up an initial free consultation session.
  2. During this session we understand exactly what your needs and expectations are from the space.
  3. Then our interior designers get to work. We come up with ideas that are crafted around the brief that you give us.
  4. Once you approve colour schemes and other interior design elements we will get to work.

We can help you source furnishings from high quality suppliers in the industry. If you are looking for a stress-free Interior Decorator Consultant and home renovation experience then look no further than Pescheck Interior.

Ready to start your Interior design project?

In the event that you need interior design expertise for your home, then your project should be started now! We all know that dream homes do not wait around. And if do not live there yet in your new home, you are recommended to begin your project about 5 to 6 weeks ahead of the day of your move. This will give you enough time to contemplate all your design ideas; items you want to put in your new home and what you want to say goodbye to. Get in touch with an interior designer right away!

With design and creativity running through the family, a career in interior design was a natural choice for owner-operator Daniella Peschek. Daniella specialises in being able to articulate a client’s tastes, style and functionality needs in the creation of a beautiful space. She sees rooms as a jigsaw that needs all the correct pieces to work – the fit, the colour, and the size – to complete the picture.

By landing your decision at Peschek Interiors, our interior design Melbourne service will surely be able to visualize your new room design and layout in the best way possible. We will collaborate with you through every step of the way. Get in touch with us right away at 0411 092 555 or you can browse through our website to discover more about what we do here and what we have done here.